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PARADOX K636 wired 10-Zone LED Keypad

PARADOX K636 wired 10-Zone LED Keypad

Price: 34.14 EUR

PARADOX K636 wired 10-Zone LED Keypad

• K636 wired 10-Zone LED Keypad
• Keypad with a separation
• 10-zone LED display
• StayD status LED
• Patented world of keys (button lights up to indicate an open zone)
• Arm, Sleep, Stay and Off keys are illuminated to indicate the status of division
• Adjusting brightness
• Supports StayD
• 1 zone input from the keyboard
• 8 buttons for one-touch up
• Independently set chime zones
• 3 panic alarms with the possibility of activating the keyboard
• Connects via 4-wire expansion bus
• Compatible with E55/E65, MG5000, MG5050 and the control panels of Spectra SP series

• Last Updated: 13.10.2014 13:30

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